Serving Families Like Yours Since 2005 

When Brian Maples was just 12 years old, he helped his Papaw with an air conditioning project in Papaw's HVAC business and the boy was hooked on working with his hands. Over the years he's been contracted to do work in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, and in his current home state of Tennessee doing every kind of construction and contracting project imaginable.

Two of his most notable jobs include:

  • Completely removing and replacing the floor of the Washington, D.C theater where newly inaugurated President Obama held one of his inauguration balls. That project took two and a half days of working around the clock to get the job done, and get it done right. It was completed in time and all accounts say Mr. and Mrs. Obama enjoyed their party dancing the night away on the new flooring.
  • Then there was the time Mike Holmes, of HGTV fame, (you know, the guy who's a world-famous contractor who has several TV shows and books based on fixing what others messed up) toured one of the homes Brian and a partner built from scratch in Nashville. Mike carefully inspected the work Brian did, folded his arms across his hulking chest and declared, "You know what you're doing! Good work." That's a ringing endorsement from a guy who knows.

When Brian works for you, he'll show up on time, as promised, in his daily uniform, a long pair of khaki work shorts and a blue work shirt with his name embroidered on it and you know he's ready to roll up his sleeves and get to YOUR project.

Whether you're hiring him for a small project like power washing your fence, deck, sidewalk, or house or flipping an entire house to re-sell and make a profit on, Brian will treat your project with the respect, care, and attention it deserves to get it done and get it right.    

Brian is a single Dad, raising his son in Maryville, Tennessee. He works in and around the Knoxville area. See the Services page for more information or call Brian Maples today to discuss your project: 865-244-6342.